503A or 503B—Knowing When to Order from Each One

Where do you get your compounded medications from? Before the introduction of 503B outsourcing facilities in 2013, this was probably a pretty straightforward question. Now, there are more sources than ever to turn to for your veterinary patients’ compounded drugs. The increased options add complexity to both patient and bulk in-house clinic orders. But, arming […]

Do 503B Manufacturers Deliver Higher Quality Veterinary Care? — Philip Bergman Answers

Veterinary oncologist, Phil Bergman, current Director of Clinical Studies for VCA Animal Hospitals and Epicur Pharma Advisory Council member, spoke with our team recently. He shared his latest research findings on the quality difference offered by 503B outsourcing facilities and insights into the impact of USP 800 on veterinarians. Great to talk with you again, […]

Veterinary Pharmacy & Dispensing: Defining 503B and cGMP

With a busy schedule and an increasing number of regulations to comply with, it can be hard for veterinarians and their staff to keep up on all aspects of veterinary pharmacy and dispensing. You may have heard the terms 503B, outsourcing, or cGMP used when referring to veterinary pharmaceuticals, but were unsure of what they […]

Meet Epicur’s Advisory Council: Q&A with Ann Donoghue

Combining her veterinary experience with nearly 10 years of regulatory consulting, Ann Donoghue brings a unique and valuable perspective to Epicur’s Advisory Council. We recently spoke with Ann to learn more about what she’s seeing in veterinary pharmaceuticals and what 503B outsourcing means for veterinary hospitals’ stocking and dispensing processes. Ann, thanks for talking with […]