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National Pet Dental Health Month: How to Provide the Best Dental Care for Your Patients

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February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Although periodontal disease is preventable, it is still the most common condition seen in pets, particularly dogs and cats. As you know, oral health is a significant indicator of a pet’s overall health. Take part in this initiative to increase pet owners’ awareness and learn more about how you and your team can ease the treatment of patients. Below we’ve included five dental hygiene tips to share with and educate your pet owners to limit any major dental health diseases.

  1. Talk to your clients about the importance of regular teeth cleaning: At-home teeth brushing can be a difficult task for some pet owners. Check-in with your client about their dental cleaning schedule. Especially if you have a new patient, make sure to schedule a routine dental cleaning.

  2. Provide some tips for your clients about at-home teeth brushing: Brushing patients’ teeth regularly will provide them with the greatest chance of having strong and healthy teeth and gums. Some patients might not like the idea of tooth brushing, so some tips to pass along to your clients to help ensure a smooth at-home brushing include:
    • Using a flavored toothpaste that is appealing to the pet
    • Letting them lick the toothbrush and toothpaste before trying to brush their teeth
    • Brush gently from the front to the back
    • Only brush for one minute
    • Always praise and reward your pet during and after brushing


  1. Consider certain diets that will promote dental hygiene: Larger, dry pieces of dog or cat food are good for breaking away plaque on their teeth. The large kibble pieces require harder chewing and produce more saliva, which helps protect the mouth.

  2. Offer suggestions for appropriate chew treats: There are a variety of dental chews and treats on the market which are helpful for preventing plaque buildup on pets’ teeth. Recommend a few to the pet owner that can help increase hygiene.

  3. Suggest dental tooth wipes as an alternative to brushing: Tooth wipes are a great solution for cleaning pets’ teeth. They work similarly to toothbrushes, with the ability to get into the crevices and grooves of the teeth, without the hassle of a physical toothbrush and toothpaste. Some of your clients may not know this is an option and helping to educate owners on this alternative could benefit the dental health of their pet.

Although preventative care is an important aspect of dental health and hygiene, treatment is the next step after diagnosing a dental health disease. As veterinary professionals, it is important to learn about some manufactured medications for use in dental health. Epicur’s 503B medications are produced with FDA oversight, for office use and dispensing directly to the pet owner. Check out our wide range of medications used for dental health:


503B outsourcing facilities, such as Epicur Pharma, must ensure that each formulation contains no less than 90% and no more than 110% of the theoretically calculated and labeled quantity of active ingredients per unit weight or volume. These are the same guidelines followed by generic and brand-name pharmaceuticals. Because compounded medications are manufactured with FDA oversight, they must be in accordance with cGMP guidelines. This means that all 503B facilities must comply with the minimum standards set by the FDA for facilities, methods, and controls throughout the production of medications. Drugs that are manufactured from these facilities are important in ensuring that your patients receive the highest quality care. Especially in persistent dental health diseases, you want to provide a medication that is reliable in both quality and efficiency. As a registered 503B facility, Epicur can help you and your practice provide exceptional veterinary healthcare to your patients.

To learn more about the advantages of 503B manufactured medications, read our blog, “What is a 503B Manufactured Drug and Why is it Better?”.

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