FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility

503B Medications

Consistent potency, sterility, and purity – in every batch.

Our portfolio includes high-demand office-use drugs such as Tacrolimus eye drops, Buprenorphine injection solution, and Gabapentin MINI-MEDS® tablets.

Epicur® products are distributed directly to veterinary hospitals from our outsourcing facility and offered through Stokes Pharmacy for individual patient prescriptions, not available through wholesalers.

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A Product Portfolio Built for Patient Care

The level of reliability that is in every Epicur® drug reduces practice liability, improves patient outcomes, and allows veterinarians to fully trust in the medications they use and prescribe. We offer one of the largest selections of 503B manufactured drugs that are traditionally compounded for animal health among currently registered facilities nationwide. Every drug manufactured by Epicur® must meet FDA standards and practices—every time.

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