503B Medications

Consistent potency, sterility, and purity – in every batch.

Our portfolio includes high-demand office-use drugs such as Tacrolimus eye drops, Buprenorphine injection solution, and Gabapentin MINI-MEDS® tablets.

Epicur® products are distributed directly to veterinary hospitals from our outsourcing facility and offered through Stokes Pharmacy for individual patient prescriptions, not available through wholesalers.

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A Product Portfolio Built for Patient Care

The level of reliability that is in every Epicur® drug reduces practice liability, improves patient outcomes, and allows veterinarians to fully trust in the medications they use and prescribe. We offer one of the largest selections of 503B manufactured drugs that are traditionally compounded for animal health among currently registered facilities nationwide. Every drug manufactured by Epicur® must meet FDA standards and practices—every time.

Updated 1/5/2022

Active States

The map shows which states Epicur Pharma® is currently licensed as an outsourcing facility, as well as the states that are pending activity. 

Did you know? When purchasing from an FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility, dispensing and unlimited hospital administration is permitted*.

 *Varies based on individual state law. Federal law allows dispensing and administration – FDA Federal SEC. 503B. [21 U.S.C. 353b]

2022 Updates to Ohio Pharmacy Rules

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has updated office stock and dispensing guidance for veterinarians, meaning the 7-day supply limitation does NOT apply to compounded drugs purchased from a 503B outsourcing facility. Read more about the updates!

Epicur Pharma is licensed as a 503B Outsourcing Facility in Ohio. Start your order!

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Why vet professionals choose Epicur:

"Being an inventory manager can be stressful with trying to keep two services in stock. I know that I can rely on Epicur Pharma to not only give me great customer service when I call, but they are also quick on their shipping which gives me peace of mind when I am looking to get my inventory stocked."

"As a veterinarian, I often rely on compounding medications for my clients. Epicur Pharma is an easy choice for me. Prescribing through iFill, their online ordering portal, is extremely convenient and the shipping is very fast. Their quality control following Current Good Manufacturing Practices and their transparency about independent certified assays give me confidence my patients will receive the exact medication and strength as prescribed. When it came time to order medications for my own beloved dog, choosing Epicur was an easy and logical decision. I know I can rely on their quality and efficiency for both my patients and my own pet."

"Epicur Pharma is easy to use. From ordering in-clinic drugs to getting client medications, they are readily available and always willing to help, even late in the day on last minute orders. Shipments come quickly in easy to use and easy to understand packaging. The option for getting chemo tablets in blister packs makes everything significantly easier and safer. I can’t say enough positive things about Epicur!"

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