Veterinary Resources

Our library of veterinary resources shares all of our printable tipsheets and downloads, our informational videos, FAQs, and other helpful insights about Epicur® and 503B veterinary drug manufacturing. For even more educational content, go to our blog

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For a deeper dive into the differences between 503A and 503B, see our dedicated page for those resources!

Veterinary Resources

Our library of veterinary resources shares printable tipsheets and downloads, informational videos, FAQs, and other helpful insights.

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Product Lists

Use our comprehensive product list to get a complete picture of the drugs we offer, the dosages available, and the forms they’re manufactured in. Our digital version can be saved to your desktop to view and reference all of our products right on your own computer. If you prefer to use a printed document, we have a printable version too! 

Complete product list view for computer, tablet, or mobile.

Complete product list view for printing or hard copy use.

Handouts & Downloads

From white papers and eBooks to printable handouts and tipsheets, our resources help your hospital stay up to date on current trends and best practices in veterinary medicine. Looking for printable resources to hand out to clients? Check out our Pet Owner resource library!

Defining Potency and Exact Strength

Breaking the Myth of Exact Strength

There is a misconception in veterinary medicine that exact strength is best for patient care. Read why it’s important for veterinarians to shift that mindset and learn why 'standard' strengths create a higher standard of care.

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GFI #256 1-Pager

Still have unanswered questions about the FDA's new regulations and restrictions with GFI#256? We are simplifying it for you - read the top 3 things you need to know!

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Ophthalmic Solutions FAQs

Manufactured ophthalmic solutions differ from the compounded medications you receive from your local pharmacy. Review our FAQs to learn about the advantages of manufactured ophthalmics.

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Explore our Eyes on Ophthalmology section for more information and resources dedicated to animal eye health.

Educational Webinars

Sign up for our upcoming educational webinars! The next three are below or check out the full schedule of webinars and on-demand sessions!

Oncology Webinar: Metronomic Chemotherapy: Hope or Hype

Presented by Dr. Craig Clifford, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology)

September 13, 2023 | 7pm-8pm ET

1 hour of RACE-Approved CE Credit
Free to attend

Metronomic therapy involves the use of ultralow dosing of chemotherapeutics. We will discuss the various mechanisms of action behind this type of therapy and where the literature supports its use. We will cover how to monitor and concerns that can arise even with such low dosing. Last, we will discuss what to look for in a compounder as all are not created equal!

Join us to learn about metronomic therapy and where it’s being used in veterinary oncology.

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Controlled Substances Webinar

Presented by Jan Woods, Regulatory Consultant 

West Coast: September 19, 7pm PT/10pm ET
East Coast: September 26 | 7pm ET/4pm PT

This 2 hour CE course is approved by RACE, New York, Florida, and Texas. 
Free to attend

Controlled Substances 101: How and Why You Must Comply

 We're excited to offer two new sessions of Jan's webinar! Whether you're on the East Coast or West Coast, choose the best session for your schedule! 

The course will build your DEA regulatory compliance awareness, help you reduce risk, and discuss improved and simplified controlled substance record keeping and inventory controls within a veterinary practice.

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Ophthalmology Webinar: This Corneal Ulcer Won’t Heal! What Do I Do Now?

Presented by Kathryn Good, DVM, DACVO

November 1, 2023 | 6pm-7pm PT

1 hour of RACE-Approved CE Credit
Free to attend

Learn examination and treatment tips for managing non-healing corneal ulcerations.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how to recognize a non-healing ulcer
2. Discuss the causes of non-healing corneal ulcers; learn exam tips that help you identify those causes
3. Learn about classic indolent ulcer, a.k.a. Boxer ulcer or SCCED
4. Review diagnostic and therapeutic options for infected ulcers
5. Learn what to do if an infected ulcer ruptures

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Play Video
Why 503Bs are Important
Play Video
Compounded Medications for Office Use: Understanding GFI 256
Play Video
An Introduction to Epicur® Pharma
Play Video
Fighting COVID-19 Drug Shortages

Learn why Stokes Healthcare was inspired to start an 503B outsourcing facility
. Watch the Story of Stokes & Epicur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about DEA Manufacturing

We have received several questions about compounded controlled drugs being sold to hospitals and veterinary offices for office administration. Common questions include:

  • Does Epicur have a DEA manufacturer license?
  • Why is this required?
  • What products are available through Epicur’s DEA manufacturer license?

Have more questions?

Connect with our team to learn how partnering with Epicur® can benefit your practice and your patients. 

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