Meet the Team: Taylor Odrzywolski Brings An Interesting Animal Health Background to the Team

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Taylor Odrzywolski

Meet Taylor Odrzywolski, Epicur’s newest veterinary specialty sales representative. His years of working in animal health sales give him a unique perspective on the industry and we’re excited to welcome him to the team. Get to know more about Taylor’s background, his love for the veterinary industry, and how he’ll use his previous knowledge to his advantage in this role.

Welcome to the team, Taylor! What led you to Epicur and what did you do prior?

I was previously working for Patterson Veterinary Supply and was there for the past five years. The first three years I was with Patterson Veterinary Supply, I was on the technology sales team, where I was responsible for selling practice management software and client communication tools that veterinary offices use daily. I was responsible for supporting existing practices in five different states with technology, both adding new technology or swapping out technology to improve the practices.

For the past two years, I was a territory manager in Philadelphia and Delaware where I was responsible for calling on general practice accounts, selling various products, anything from IV lines, flea, tick, and heartworm products to vaccines to capital equipment. So more of the overall drug side of things.

And that’s what led me to Epicur. I was looking for growth opportunities and with my experience at Patterson I knew I wanted to stay in Animal Health sales, which is when I came across Epicur. Again, with my previous background and love for the veterinary market, the customers, and of course, the pets, I knew coming to Epicur would be a great fit!

It sounds like your role at Epicur is different from your previous work. What excites you about that?

Yeah, it will be different, but fortunately, I’ll be able to use a lot of my past two years of experience. Relationship building, product knowledge, and day-to-day activities will be very similar.

What excites me is that it’s something new: the manufacturing side of things, more science-based learning about the products, and working with specialty doctors. Rather than just seeing the general practice side of things, I’m getting to see firsthand the ophthalmologist or the cardiologist and the products they use daily. Their jobs are so important; I’m excited that I will have the opportunity to see this side of the veterinary industry.

Epicur does so much with ophthalmology, so I’m excited to learn about that side of the business and work with Sam Newton and others to gain a deeper understanding.

What do you expect to be the biggest learning curves?

I think some of the challenges I will face are learning all about the products: what each product does, how they are all different, dosages or percentages of each. That’s really going to be where learning more about compounding is for me—for example, differentiating the usage between 3% eyedrops vs. 2% or 1%. But I’m really looking forward to all of this.

What is the coolest or most interesting thing you’ve learned so far?

Just the fact that Epicur has such a wide range of product offerings for all different situations or issues a veterinarian may need. Epicur pretty much has everything taken care of one way or another. For example, I find all of the chemotherapy drugs Epicur has so neat, because they are such incredible products for the veterinary health industry and not many people are talking about them.

Have you had a chance to go through the facility and see all the manufacturing?

Yes! I spent about a month going through all of the departments of Stokes Healthcare, both Stokes Pharmacy and Epicur Pharma. I was able to see all of the processes for each and had the opportunity to walk through the manufacturing facility. I was blown away by everything and seeing it in person, the behind-the-scenes of the manufacturing facility was the coolest experience and it’s so impressive what they do.

What is it about manufacturing that’s attractive to you?

I like knowing about each of the products: what’s in them, how they work, and what they do for the patients. I find that side of the veterinary industry so interesting. For example, the different kinds of tablets and dosages are so similar but make a huge difference at the same time, regarding patient care.

Manufacturing in general is the direction animal health and industry are going. Of course, distribution has its ups and downs, but manufacturing is getting the high-quality 503B products out to the practices and into the client’s hands fast.

You mentioned 503B. Have you had experience with 503B manufacturers in the past?

No, I really haven’t had any experience with 503B manufacturers or medications. In my previous job we were focused on larger manufacturing products and didn’t really do any compounding, in 503A or 503B.

What are your favorite aspects about the veterinary/animal health industry?

I really love animals and taking care of pets. I know how hard veterinary professionals’ jobs are, so any way of helping them is something I want to be a part of. The veterinary industry keeps getting better and better and so does patient care, which is what I like to see.

What are some key ways you build trust in relationships with customers?

Being honest, fair, and upfront with whoever it may be. If it’s the office staff, the veterinarian, the owner, or whoever it is, you have to treat everyone with respect and be there to support them because they support you.

In the long term, even if they don’t do any business with me, I will still treat them as if they were to do a ton of business with me. Doing the right thing at the end of the day goes a long way. People see that effort and will react to it. The best part of building a relationship is letting them know, “Hey, I’m here, whatever you need.”

One last question that we always like to know is if you have any pets of your own?!

I do! I have two Greater Swiss Mountain dogs, Walter who is three and Doug who is almost one year old. They both are over 100 pounds so it’s a lot of dog in one place.

Growing up I always had pets, both dogs and cats. And before the two I have now, I had a Bulldog for 14 years.

Thanks for sharing, Taylor!

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