Unit-Dose Blister Packaging

Safer, more convenient chemotherapeutic tablets

To enhance safety for your staff and clients, Epicur Pharma® now utilizes blister packaging for all our 503B manufactured chemotherapy tablets.

Epicur Pharma Blister Packs

In an October 2019 survey taken by Veterinary Cancer Society technicians:


of respondents said that handling medication safely is a big concern in their veterinary practice.


of respondents said they would be more inclined to order chemo tablets knowing they are dispensed in unit-dose packaging.

Benefits of Blister Packs

Blister packaging is used to provide a safe and convenient way to dispense or administer prescribed medications. Benefits include:
  • Improved adherence to prescribed therapy. It is easier to identify if a dose has been taken or missed when medications are blister packed. This ultimately can result in improved clinical outcomes and a decrease in undesirable side effects.
  • Convenience. Blister packs are easy to transport and store, no bulky pill bottles necessary. When traveling or on-the-go, just grab the exact number of doses you need.
  • Decreased chance of medication errors. Each individual dose is accurately labeled with the correct drug and strength, as well as lot number and expiration date.
Blister packaging offers many additional benefits when dispensing and/or administering hazardous drugs, such as chemotherapeutic agents, including:
  • Preserved integrity of the tablets and improved safety by decreasing the amount of powder generated by tablets coming into contact with each other. In a tablet bottle, tablets are constantly in contact and powder is generated as a result. Reducing this powder makes the product safer to handle and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Decreased chance of spillage, which also reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Dropping one tablet would cause much less contamination than dropping an entire bottle of tablets.
  • Decreased exposure to hazardous chemicals by isolating each tablet into a single dosage. No need to fumble around with an entire bottle of hazardous medication; the single dose that you need is conveniently packaged into one blister.
  • Reduced amount of personal protective equipment or PPE needed to dispense or administer the product. According to “Table 5. Personal protective equipment and engineering controls for working with hazardous drugs in healthcare settings” within “NIOSH List of Antineoplastic and other Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings, 2016”, administration of an intact tablet or capsule from unit-dose packaging does not require double chemotherapy gloves, protective gown, eye/face protection, or respiratory protection.

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Safely remove tablet from blister pack:
  1. Use perforation to tear off one single dose from the pack.
  2. Use designated corner to peel the backing away from the packaging.
  3. If a foil seal remains, carefully make a small tear with your gloved finger and push the tablet through from the bubble on the back.
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