The Delicate Balance of Wise Buying Decisions: A Personal Perspective from Debbie Boone, CVPM and Veterinary Consultant

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"As someone who managed practices for 23 years, and thought I knew about compounding pharmacies, taking a tour of Stokes Pharmacy and Epicur Pharma was an enlightening experience. I was so impressed with the way these companies go above and beyond to assure the safety and sterility of the drugs they manufacture. I would absolutely insist on using them for my own pet’s medications."
Debbie Boone
CVPM, Veterinary Consultant
The following blog is written by Epicur Pharma’s Advisory Council member Debbie Boone, CVPM, Veterinary Consultant. She shares her personal insights on why focusing on quality over price benefits veterinary practices’ ROI in the long run. 

From Debbie:

As a practice manager, it was always part of my job to find resources for my practice. This could be anything from the best deal on ink cartridges to investigating and purchasing computers and software. Often my practice owner would question why I didn’t purchase the cheapest product. For anyone who has dealt with cheap ink cartridges that not only smear your print job but also last half the length of time that a quality cartridge does, you understand why I went with the higher price. The same goes for the software purchases I made. There is usually a very good reason the adage, “You get what you pay for” holds true.

Growing up in what was considered “the most expensive” practice in town, push back on fees from clients was not uncommon on a first visit. However, creating a great customer service experience partnered with client education and good medical care overcame price objections most of the time. Our clients learned that we may cost a little more, but they were always well treated and could trust their animals were receiving the best care, so they were willing to pay. The philosophy of quality over price was a platform we always stood on.

I looked for the same attributes in people I did business with for the practice. My distributors were solid in their service. We built relationships with reps and when others were concerned about supply shortages, we were always given a “heads up” and were able to stock up. The contractors and maintenance companies that repaired our building were the best in town and fixed our problems right the first time. Sure, they cost a little more but getting up and running again was worth it.

There was always someone willing to do it cheaper, but the question was “what shortcuts did they take to do so?” When it comes to making wise buying decisions, it is often smarter to spend a little more and know that what you are buying is safe, effective, long-lasting, and done right. Paying more the first time will help you avoid the fallout of the “better deal.” Smart buyers look at all the aspects of a purchase, never just the price.

We couldn’t agree with Debbie more! Her philosophy is one that Epicur embraces for every 503B drug we manufacture. We don’t promise a cost savings when you partner with us, rather we ensure the reliability of our portfolio’s quality so you can be confident in your patients’ level of care.

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