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Dr. Mark Byrum, Veterinary Oncologist: A Veterinary Perspective on Chemo Tablet Benefits

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Veterinary Oncology interview with Dr. Mark Byrum

Dr. Mark Byrum, a veterinary oncologist understands that each patient requires a unique approach and individualized care. He also knows that the highest care in a critical specialty like oncology comes from safe, high-quality drugs. As a veterinarian who prescribes Epicur chemo tablets, we asked him to share his perspective on what makes the blister packs and our 503B manufactured drugs the best option for his patients.

We were also excited to talk with him about what led him to this specialty, the trends he is seeing in veterinary medicine, and what he’s looking forward to in his new role. If you have ever met Mark, you know his energy and love for veterinary oncology are contagious – this conversation is worth the watch! Plus, his pup Brutus makes a guest appearance!

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