An Interview with Dr. Renee Alsarraf: Veterinary Oncologist, Author, Cancer Survivor

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Do you ever look at your dog and think “you know me better than I know myself?” Dr. Renee Alsarraf, a veterinary oncologist, agrees and believes there is a lot of validity in that thought.

To anyone working in the veterinary profession, Dr. Alsarraf’s name probably sounds familiar. She has treated cancer in animal patients for nearly 30 years, working every day to give each of them – and their owners – more time. Then she became the patient, diagnosed with cancer herself. But she wasn’t in it alone. At the same time Renee was diagnosed with the “c-word” as she refers to it, her beloved Boxer, Newton also received a cancer diagnosis.

The experience of both Renee and Newtie, as he’s lovingly referred to, going through chemotherapy and battling their diagnoses together led Dr. Alsarraf to reflect on the experiences of her profession and her own pet’s behavior and intuitive compassion. She’d always been aware of the impact dogs have on their humans, but it became so much more than companionship as she started putting those lessons learned down on paper.

Ultimately, her stories became her memoir, Sit, Stay, Heal: What Dogs Can Teach Us About Living Well. More than just a book for animal lovers, Dr. Renee’s memoir has inspired and encouraged anyone going through a tough time.

We had the chance to talk more with Dr. Renee about her book, her work in veterinary oncology, and so much more! Watch the full interview.

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Want to discover the heartfelt lessons and emotional healing that Dr. Alsarraf uncovered through the power of the human-animal bond? Check out her book, available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, and local community bookstores. Don’t miss out on this insightful read!

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