Event Recap: ACVO/Epicur National Service Animal Eye Exam 2023

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ACVO eye event recap
It was another great year of the ACVO/Epicur National Service Animal Eye Exam Event!

As they do each May, Diplomates of The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists® (ACVO) donated their time and resources again this year to provide free eye exams to Service and Working Animals.

The event participation is growing closer to pre-COVID numbers, with more than 5,000 free eye exams given this year! This year’s participating Working and Service animals provide a variety of services, including:

  • search and rescue
  • drug detection
  • guide
  • hearing assistance
  • police/military
  • therapy
  • and so many more!

We are so proud to be the namesake sponsor of this philanthropic event and see the heart of veterinary medicine at work year after year! Keep reading below for participant highlights and animal eye health resources!

Read ACVO’s full press release and program reach details from this year’s event! 

2023 Event Stats

free eye exams given
ophthalmologists donated their time
participating cities, US and internationally
Participant Highlights

As volunteers provide sight-saving exams that support early detection and reassure handlers about their companion’s sight, we also get to learn about the life-saving work these animals do! 

Here are some of the participants of the 2023 ACVO/Epicur National Service Animal Eye Exam Event:

Shadow, Canine Forensics
Shadow specializes in search and rescue of alive missing persons. A few weeks before the event, Shadow located a missing woman who is affected by Alzheimer's disease. Shadow also assists with human remains detection.

Robby, Therapy
Robby is an international therapy dog! He often visits nursing homes and libraries for children to provide comfort. His handler, Rhonda, was very thankful for this opportunity to have his eyes examined.

Rex, Support
Rex is a support dog for Richland County Sheriff's Department in Columbia, SC. Rex is trained in detection and recovery of missing persons. Fun fact: Rex is fluent in French and German!

Hammer, Canine Forensics
Hammer works on Sheriff's Department cases, locating human remains, blood, bones and recovering drowning victims.

Ash, Trainee
Ash is a 14 week old lab in training. His handler, Lori, was very appreciative of the eye exam. "A good eye exam is important early so we can have confirmation to continue with training."

It’s an event that means so much to all who volunteer and participate.

Hear from handlers, caretakers, and volunteers on why this special event has such an important impact:

Resources for Veterinary Ophthalmology & Animal Eye Health

To help your practice and pet owners stay on top of eye health, check out our animal eye health page and our printable handouts!

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