Don’t Brown Bag It! Why Packaging Matters to Veterinary Medicine Quality

Many veterinary medicines are sensitive to light. Proper packaging of veterinary pharmaceuticals makes a big difference. Improper packaging which exposes the medicine to light can have a serious impact on: Product degradation: light can cause the product to degrade thus reducing the potency of the product, in turn reducing its efficacy Adverse effects: the product […]

3 Ways Stocking 503B Drugs Strengthens Vet-Client Relationships

For veterinary hospitals, keeping 503B manufactured drugs on-hand for office use and dispensing is critical to top-quality patient care. But stocking these manufactured products provides another opportunity for veterinary staff—building stronger client relationships. With 503B drugs on hand, you can deepen client relationships in ways that can’t be replaced by online pharmacies. It gives you […]

Increasing Patient Safety by Stocking 503B Drugs

Across all industries, consumers today expect convenient, personalized service to be available on-demand, and the veterinary healthcare industry is no exception. However, in the case of veterinary drugs, the quick and convenient option for buying needed medications may not be the choice that results in the best treatment outcomes and could even be detrimental to […]

Why are Drug Expiration Dates Important to Your Veterinary Practices and Patients?

The Main Takeaways: Expiration dates, which are used by 503B manufacturers offer benefits to veterinary patient care that beyond-use dates do not. Using medications that have expiration dates can maximize veterinary practice profits by reducing expenses. Medications from 503A pharmacies with BUDs have small usage windows – as little as 12 hours for sterile products! […]

The Benefits of Stocking 503B-Manufactured Compounded Veterinary Drugs

Managing a veterinary practice’s inventory of compounded drugs is a balancing act—when stocked medication goes unused, it leads to waste and lost revenue, but not having enough of the right drugs on hand also results in revenue loss and can be detrimental to patient outcomes and client satisfaction. Keeping high-demand veterinary medications stocked sufficiently so […]