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Compounded Controlled Drugs for Office Use

Epicur Pharma® has received many questions about compounded controlled drugs being sold to hospitals and veterinary offices for office administration. Below are some answers to help you better understand this terminology and what it means to your practice.

Does Epicur Pharma have a DEA manufacturer license?
  • Yes, our DEA manufacturer license number is RS0447979 and registered under Epicur Pharma.
Why is this required?
  • This allows Epicur to manufacture controlled medications to be sold and administered in a
    hospital or veterinary practice in all states except: AL, ME, MN, and ND.


If you are ordering compounded controlled medications for your office make sure your
compounding pharmacy has a DEA manufacturer license.

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What products are offered through Epicur Pharma’s DEA manufacturer license?
Buprenorphine Injection Solution
0.5 mg/mL

10 mL
50 mL

Buprenorphine Oral Solution
0.5 mg/mL

120 mL

Butorphanol Multi-Meds™
5 mg

100 tablets

Hydromorphone Injection Solution
2 mg/mL

10 mL

Methadone HCL Injection Solution
10 mg/mL

10 mL

Tramadol Oral Suspension
20 mg/mL

120 mL

Tramadol Mini-Meds®
10 mg

100 tablets

Tramadol Multi-Meds®
20 mg

100 tablets

What if I want to prescribe a controlled drug for a patient that is not on the list?
  • Our sister division, Stokes Pharmacy® will continue providing customized compounded patient specific medication through our pharmacy DEA license. Stokes Pharmacy’s DEA license allows them to compound patient specific controlled and non-controlled medication for individual patients in any state.

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