Staff Burnout: Caring for Your Veterinary Professionals Like You Do Your Patients

Do you have that overwhelmed, exhausted feeling? It is more than stress, and it’s not just you. People in every position in veterinary medicine are reporting burnout, and it is impacting retention and hiring and can ultimately influence the standard of care for your patients and clients. Although this can seem overwhelming at times, there’s […]

National Pet Dental Health Month: How to Provide the Best Dental Care for Your Patients

February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Although periodontal disease is preventable, it is still the most common condition seen in pets, particularly dogs and cats. As you know, oral health is a significant indicator of a pet’s overall health. Take part in this initiative to increase pet owners’ awareness and learn more about how […]

Seasonal Safety Reminders for Veterinary Practices

As the seasons change throughout the year, each one presents challenges to your patients, from blazing heat to frigid snow, or even rainy-day puddles. Keeping these risks top of mind for your veterinary staff as well as pet owners is another way you can provide exceptional patient care. We’ve rounded up the top reminders for […]

Veterinary Medicine Market Outlook: Opportunities to Grow and Improve Patient Care

Veterinary care has been on a steady rise for many years now. There has been a significant increase in the general care for and adoption of pets, which has resulted in a larger demand for veterinary professionals, medications, and telemedicine. Some of the top factors impacting the veterinary industry include: 67% of households in the […]

6 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Holidays

As much as we humans love snooping through the presents or eating too many treats during the holiday season, so do our furry friends! Epicur shares your commitment to client education that will improve patient health. With so many new pet owners, here’s a handy printable list of these holiday dangers. Top 6 risks for […]