Meet Epicur’s Advisory Council: Jan Woods Shares How She Helps Veterinary Practices Better Understand the Value of 503B Manufacturers

Controlled substances compliance and 503B manufactured products are two areas that create a lot of questions for DVMs. Jan Woods, a veterinary hospital consultant and national speaker with expertise in DEA compliance, state and federal regulations, and clinic and hospital practice management, advises DVMs on how to navigate regulations in their practices. With over 30 […]

The Advantages of Unit-Dose Blister Packaging for Chemotherapeutic Tablets

As pet adoption rates rise and the diagnosis of cancer in pets increases, demand for cancer therapies is growing among pet caregivers. As a result, chemotherapeutic drugs are now more commonly used in veterinary clinics and hospitals. It also means more pet owners are administering chemotherapeutic treatments, such as chemotherapy tablets, in their homes. While […]

A Glimpse Into a 503B Facility: Manufacturing Quality in Veterinary Medicine

Words like 503B manufacturing, outsourcing facility, and cGMP are floating around veterinary practices and hospitals, but increasing pet adoptions and navigating a global pandemic make already-complex terms more challenging. With 503Bs being largely new to veterinary medicine, many veterinarians and their practices are left with questions—a top one being what standards and actions are in […]

Manufactured vs. Compounded Veterinary Drugs—There Is No Comparison

The process of sourcing veterinary pharmaceuticals can be challenging. Veterinarians and their purchasing managers must find a balance between drug quality, cost, availability, and patient needs. Thankfully, more sourcing options are available today than ever before. What’s the Difference Between Traditional Drug Manufacturers and Compounding Pharmacies? Up until the last few years, veterinary hospitals and […]

Quality at Every Step: 503B Outsourcing Facilities Master Safety and Sterility Standards

In a time where businesses everywhere are re-evaluating their safety and cleanliness practices for client and employee safety, 503B facilities are built to maintain the highest standards from the ground up. 503B outsourcing facilities comply with FDA regulations for drug manufacturing and are held to a higher standard of quality and safety. Two key standards […]