Uh Oh, A Controlled Substance Bottle Spilled or Broke. Now What?

The following blog is written by Epicur Pharma’s Advisory Council member Jan Woods, a veterinary hospital consultant, and national speaker with expertise in DEA compliance, state and federal regulations, and clinic and hospital practice management. Below, Jan outlines how to properly manage a spilled or broken bottle. Have you ever broken or spilled a bottle […]

Staff Burnout: Improving Veterinary Practice Retention and Productivity with Empathy

National Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week is October 16-21. We know vet techs are highly susceptible to burnout and mental health challenges. Recognizing and celebrating these hardworking team members can have a significant impact on your employee retention and morale. Take time to honor them this month. Keep reading for more tips on alleviating staff burnout. […]

Quality Assurance Beyond the Product: Catching Fraud in Veterinary Compounding Pharmacies

In veterinary medicine, trust is crucial to patient care. This is true for hospital’s relationships with its patients and clients, but trust is also necessary between a clinic and its pharmacy partners. While we all want to trust that counterfeit and fraudulent veterinary medication orders are not commonplace, they can happen. Being able to trust […]

The Benefits of Stocking 503B-Manufactured Compounded Veterinary Drugs

Managing a veterinary practice’s inventory of compounded drugs is a balancing act—when stocked medication goes unused, it leads to waste and lost revenue, but not having enough of the right drugs on hand also results in revenue loss and can be detrimental to patient outcomes and client satisfaction. Keeping high-demand veterinary medications stocked sufficiently so […]

Seasonal Safety Reminders for Veterinary Practices

As the seasons change throughout the year, each one presents challenges to your patients, from blazing heat to frigid snow, or even rainy-day puddles. Keeping these risks top of mind for your veterinary staff as well as pet owners is another way you can provide exceptional patient care. We’ve rounded up the top reminders for […]