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Epicur Pharma®, a division of Stokes Healthcare and sister company to Stokes Pharmacy, brings a unique advantage to the veterinary industry. Our 503B facility manufactures drugs with consistent potency, sterility, and purity from batch to batch so you can prescribe with confidence.

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Featured Products

Buprenorphine Injection Solution

0.5 mg/mL, 10 mL and 50 mL

Looking for compounded sterile products? Epicur is shipping to your state! Our Burprenorphine injectible solution is 100% manufactured in our FDA-registered facility.

For states experiencing drug shortages, we are here to help and ready to fill your order. 

Epicur Pharma Blister Packs

Chemotherapy Tablet Blister Packs

Unit-Dose Treatment Packaging

All 503B manufactured chemo tablets from Epicur are available in blister packs to provide better therapy compliance, safer medication dispensing and administration, and decreased chance of medication errors. 

Available for Chlorambucil, Cyclophosphamide, Lomustine, Melphalan, Procarbazine

503B Product Portfolio

We offer one of the largest selections of 503B manufactured drugs that are traditionally compounded for animal health among currently registered facilities nationwide. Our portfolio includes a range of the top drugs that are critical to your hospital, including those that may be hard to find such as Tacrolimus eye drops, Buprenorphine Injection Solution, and Gabapentin MINI-MEDS® tablets. Explore the full portfolio.

More Resources

Check out our videos, blogs, and downloads to learn more about the importance of 503B manufacturing, the latest on veterinary medicine trends, and more! For event more content, visit our blog or check out our full selection of resources.

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