Why are Drug Expiration Dates Important to Your Veterinary Practices and Patients?

The Main Takeaways: Expiration dates, which are used by 503B manufacturers offer benefits to veterinary patient care that beyond-use dates do not. Using medications that have expiration dates can maximize veterinary practice profits by reducing expenses. Medications from 503A pharmacies with BUDs have small usage windows – as little as 12 hours for sterile products! […]

National Pet Dental Health Month: How to Provide the Best Dental Care for Your Patients

February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Although periodontal disease is preventable, it is still the most common condition seen in pets, particularly dogs and cats. As you know, oral health is a significant indicator of a pet’s overall health. Take part in this initiative to increase pet owners’ awareness and learn more about how […]

How Pharmaceutical Testing Creates Better Veterinary Patients Outcomes

You may have read a bit about 503B outsourcing facilities and the stringency of their manufacturing processes. The biggest difference to you, and your standard of care, comes down to testing. 503B manufactured medications are routinely subjected to validated, formula-specific testing to verify that batch to batch, products are consistently up to standard for purity, […]

Quality at Every Step: 503B Outsourcing Facilities Master Safety and Sterility Standards

In a time where businesses everywhere are re-evaluating their safety and cleanliness practices for client and employee safety, 503B facilities are built to maintain the highest standards from the ground up. 503B outsourcing facilities comply with FDA regulations for drug manufacturing and are held to a higher standard of quality and safety. Two key standards […]