Do 503B Manufacturers Deliver Higher Quality Veterinary Care? — Philip Bergman Answers

Veterinary oncologist, Phil Bergman, current Director of Clinical Studies for VCA Animal Hospitals and Epicur Pharma Advisory Council member, spoke with our team recently. He shared his latest research findings on the quality difference offered by 503B outsourcing facilities and insights into the impact of USP 800 on veterinarians. Great to talk with you again, […]

The Advantages of Unit-Dose Blister Packaging for Chemotherapeutic Tablets

As pet adoption rates rise and the diagnosis of cancer in pets increases, demand for cancer therapies is growing among pet caregivers. As a result, chemotherapeutic drugs are now more commonly used in veterinary clinics and hospitals. It also means more pet owners are administering chemotherapeutic treatments, such as chemotherapy tablets, in their homes. While […]