National Pet Dental Health Month: How to Provide the Best Dental Care for Your Patients

February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Although periodontal disease is preventable, it is still the most common condition seen in pets, particularly dogs and cats. As you know, oral health is a significant indicator of a pet’s overall health. Take part in this initiative to increase pet owners’ awareness and learn more about how […]

Veterinary Hospital Health: 7 Best Practices for Inventory Management

Inventory is a key profit center for veterinary practices, significantly impacting patient care and client relationships. A well-managed inventory system is more than just stocking cupboards, it’s detailed tracking of expired products, reviewing the accuracy of inventory reports to ensure quantities on hand, mitigating inventory loss due to theft, counting inaccuracies, or damage, navigating product […]

A Focus on Veterinary Pharmacy: Lauren Forsythe, PharmD, DICVP, FSVHP, Talks Compounding Education for Veterinary Students

When it comes to compounded medications in veterinary health, the importance is not lost on Lauren Forsythe. In fact, compounding is at the forefront of her work. As Clinical Assistant Professor and Pharmacy Service Head at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, she sees firsthand the opportunities to optimize veterinary and pharmacy education around compounded medications. […]

Meet Epicur’s Advisory Council: Jan Woods Shares How She Helps Veterinary Practices Better Understand the Value of 503B Manufacturers

Controlled substances compliance and 503B manufactured products are two areas that create a lot of questions for DVMs. Jan Woods, a veterinary hospital consultant and national speaker with expertise in DEA compliance, state and federal regulations, and clinic and hospital practice management, advises DVMs on how to navigate regulations in their practices. With over 30 […]

503A or 503B—Knowing When to Order from Each One

Where do you get your compounded medications from? Before the introduction of 503B outsourcing facilities in 2013, this was probably a pretty straightforward question. Now, there are more sources than ever to turn to for your veterinary patients’ compounded drugs. The increased options add complexity to both patient and bulk in-house clinic orders. But, arming […]